Ayurvedic cuisine unites the Ayurvedic principals, knowledge and amazing flavours in order to nourish you daily with a balanced diet and preserve good health.

Cooking workshop

What is Ayurvedic cooking?

The main thing according to Ayurveda is to keep the original constitution called Dosha balanced, so that the Agni digestive fire remains active. Daily food provides the energy that body needs to work properly. The needs are different for each Doshas. Ayurvedic cooking adapts the food to the needs of the constitutions.

How easy it is to cook according to Ayurveda?

There are some basics principles that need to be established. In particular the six flavours Rasa. Each meal should contain salty, sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. The amount of this six tastes should be balanced according to the Doshas.

Does this kitchen take me longer to prepare?

The time spent in the kitchen is the same as when preparing healthy meals for your family. The key is to have everything you need at hand. Ask me for a list of the essentials in my cupboard. My Ayurvedic cupboard

Today, between our active lives, work, children…. we don’t have enough time to cook. But always keep in mind the desire to eat healthily. This is the principal behind the cooking workshop, where I will show you how to cook balanced meals right in your own home.

How does the workshop run?

After a short introduction to the basics of Ayurveda, we will cook together in a joyful way. Once the meal is prepared, we will enjoy it together around a beautiful table. All meals are vegetarian, fresh made and organic.

  • Learn to cook with season
  • Prepare a healthy meal
  • Personalised your food for your body type
  • Tips in the kitchen

Duration : 3 h 

Suitable : everyone

Price : $ 120

«In AyurvedaHealth is wealth, peace of mind is happiness and  yoga shows the way  »
In Ayurveda, the role of nutrition is essential. The food we consume and assimilate nourishes our vital energy, which guarantees our good physical and mental health. Turning to Ayurvedic Nutrition therefore means taking a new look

Shantala baby massage workshop

According to Ayurvedic tradition, the Shantala baby massage reassures and comforts the baby, and conveys tenderness and kindness through the hands of his/her parents.

Becoming parents symbolises the connection with a new being that is filled with joy and emotions. Together, a beautiful adventure begins.

A baby (Kapha phase) is full of emotions and is in full physical, mental and emotional development. Supporting his/her fulfilment is essential.

Satisfying babies’ primary needs (such as the quality of their food, sleep, hygiene, love, relationships etc.) makes them radiate with joy.

All  their senses are in a period of awakening and they are particularly responsive to touch.

The skin of babies is delicate so it is important to nourish it with your hands and your heart.

Process of the workshop 

This class is wonderful moment to share with your baby.

While sitting comfortably on the floor, your baby can be either lying on a blanket or on your legs.

I will stay beside you, using a doll to guide you. I will perform the massage on the doll and you will perform the massage on your child.

During workshop we will

    • Speak about baby constitution
    • Perform massage Shantala
    • Share a beautiful with mum community
    • Create an intense moment between baby and yourself

    Suitable : All baby and parents

    Duration 3 hours

    Pricing :  Aus $ 120 (at home session)

    « Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness and  yoga shows the way  »

    «Babies need to be fed. Without a doubt. Feed their skin as well as their bellies.»
    – Frederick Leboyer
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