Receiving a massage is a moment for yourself, an inner journey where time is suspended and letting go has its benefits. The body reclaims the space that is taken over by stress, worries and lack of sleep.

In India, massages can be enjoyed everyday and at any age.

Compassionate touch allows the muscles to let go and become more flexible, the respiration to slow down and the mind to relax. This is how the body regains the balance that can be lost due to the challenges of everyday life.

During the appointment 

The appointment will begin with a face to face interview that will help define your constitution and the most suitable treatment for you. The treatment will then begin and at the end there will be a short discussion and feedback. In order to fully benefit from your moment of relaxation, please allow for some extra time

Before/after the massage, it is preferable to:
• arrive without a full stomach (try to eat at least 2 hours before the appointment)
• be feeling well (without any fever, sinus congestion or sore throat)
• wait at least 1 hour after the treatment before taking a hot shower
• be well-hydrated – hydrate yourself throughout the day by drinking warm/hot water.

Massage treatments should not be considered as medical treatments. They do not replace a medical opinion.

The massage

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