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Fundamental principals

Yoga is 5000 years-old practice originating in India. This practice teaches us to live better with what we have today – our body, our mind and our resources. Yoga adapts to teach person and takes into consideration the whole being.
The path of Hatha leads to self-fulfillmemt.
Ayurveda & Yoga come together beautifully to keep our body and mind unified, stable and healthy.

According to Swami Vishnudevananda, yoga is based on regular practice of 5 principles

  • Postures : Asanas
  • Breathing : Pranayamas
  • Relaxation : Savasana
  • A good healthy diet : mainly vegetarian
  • Positive thoughts and Meditation

The benefits of Yoga

Having good flexibility helps to maintain the body’s youthfulness.

  • Les  Asanas : give strength to the physical body. While increasing flexibility and circulation, the asanas also work to maintain the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Holding postures for a long period of time massages the internal organs and works on the deeper, more subtle areas.
  • Le pranayama is breath control. Prana is a  sanskrit word meaning   : breath of life.
    Breathing  exercices promote movement in the body and reenergise the muscles. They help to reduce fatigue and increase oxygen supply, and revitalise the body and mind.
  • Relaxation works on three levels: physical, mental and spirituel.
    Deep relaxation naturally reenergises the body and mind. The Savasana posture has an important role in yoga, as it regulates rhythm of session by making breaks. It then  concludes the session with a moment of deep relaxation which lets the body soak up the benefits of asanas.


The  session

This yoga session is based on the  traditional Sivananda sequence


Suitable : All adults

Duration and Pricing : 1h Aus $ 70 (at home session)

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