Pregnant women massage

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During this precious phase of changes, the prenatal massage offers numerous benefits,
both mental and physical. This enveloping treatment will alleviate your joints, soothe any
back or neck pain, and help with blood flow and circulation.

The massage is performed on a table or on the floor in a well-heated room, while wearing
only undergarments.

Suggestion: Please check with your midwife that there are no contraindications.



Lying on your back or on your side, the massage for expectant mothers encompasses the
whole body, focusing on the most vulnerable areas: the legs, the back and the lumbar

The prenatal massage is a special moment during which the expectant mother can enjoy
being surrounded by tenderness in a comfortable setting.



  • Especially recommended for : Ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers and
    especially when there is some discomfort related to the body changing.
  • product used: organic sésame oil



  • Suitable for : Expectant mothers, starting at 3 full months of pregnancy.
  • Duration and Prices : 60 min / $ 135AUD – 6 sessions of 1h : $ 780AUD


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