Kansu Bowl

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The Kansu treatment will provide deep relaxation to the nervous system and the whole body. The Kansu bowl is composed of metals that each have a particular effect. Zinc works on the muscles, copper absorbs excess heat, and bronze amplifies the effects of the two metals.




A  massage is performed on the soles of the feet, which is the reflex area of the body. The Kansu bowl is a precious Ayurvedic tool. It is forged from an alloy of 5 metals: copper, zinc, tin, bronze and silver.

While lying on your back, the treatment consists of rotating the rounded part of the bowl on the soles of the feet using ghee (clarified butter often used in Ayurveda, see recipe).

This treatment may be preceded by a foot massage (pada Abhyanga), if desired.



  • Espicially recommended for : People with imbalances related to excessive anger, anxiety, insomnia and stress
  • products used: kansu bowl and organic ghee



  • Suitable for :  Pitta imbalances
  • Duration and price : 40min / $80AUD
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