Detox Spring Garshan

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 Ayurvedic practices recommend this at this time of year as it gently stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation. This exfoliating treatment (eliminates harmful waste) helps to break down the ama and reduce the kapha that has built up over the winter.


The spring detox treatment is composed of 2 practices. First, the body is rubbed (garshan) with a wild silk glove.
In the second stage, the body is nourished again with a practical Abhyanga treatment using an Ayurvedic oil according to your dosha.

  • Especially recommended for : People with kapha-related imbalances
  • products used : Organic sesame oil,  Ayurvedic Dosha oil,  wild silk gloves,

  • suitable for: anyone who feel they need a detox due to winter excesses.
    it is preferable not to receive this practice in case of eczema or irritated skin.
  • duration and prices :  75min / $165AUD  
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