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The Abhyanga massage is the traditional Ayurvedic massage. This treatment is intended to harmonise the whole body using large massaging gestures.

The warm sesame oil is spread from the head to the feet using fluid and precise movements, while following the rules of energy flow.

The massage if performed lying down on a table in a well-heated room, while wearing only undergarments.


This traditional treatment deeply relaxes and soothes the body. The skin will feel nourished, the muscles more supple, and the nervous system will be calmer. The massage eliminates tension, reduces fatigue and helps to normalise sleep.

Beyond the physical benefits, regular treatments can improve self-confidence, as well as your body’s youth and flexibility.

  • Especially recommended for : People with sleep disturbances, experiencing daily chaos or those simply wanting to feel better
  • products used : Organic sesame or coconut oil

  • suitable for:  everyone
  • duration and prices : 60min / $135AUD – 75min / $165AUD – 90min / $190 
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