Ayurvedic cuisine unites the Ayurvedic principals, knowledge and amazing flavours in order to nourish you daily with a balanced diet and preserve good health.


This workshop is an important tool for learning (in a fun way) how to eat according to Ayurveda. Nourishing yourself well is essential for maintaining good health.

Today, between our active lives, work, children…. we don’t have enough time to cook. But always keep in mind the desire to eat healthily. This is the principal behind the cooking workshop, where I will show you how to cook balanced meals right in your own home.

You will only need to gather 4 people in your home and I will bring all the ingredients.

All of the meals are vegetarian, fresh and organic.

During the workshop you will learn about :

  • The diet rules according to Ayurveda   
  • Les rasas (6 flavours)  
  • How to prepare a meal (starter, main course, dessert)

To thank the host, he/she will receive a gift certificate.

Duration : 4 h 00

Ready to put on your aprons?  Send me an e-mail