Mothers Day

Happy day to all women who are lucky to be mum.
May this day put you in honor with delicate attentions that goes straight to the heart.

Pasta necklace, drawing, finger painting, salt dough object, children’s creations filled with love are the most beautiful gift.



I am sharing with you my kids stone creation.

Earth Day

My words are modest face of my gratitude for our Planet Earth

Thank you for the abundance of your natural resources
Thank you for your admirable beauty every day
Thank you for your waters, lands, plants that feed us
Thank you for welcoming us


Picture from New Zeland, taken during one of my trips.

International Women’s Day

A special thought full of gentleness and benevolence on this day for :

All women from of the world
Mothers and grandmothers
Sisters and friends
The women who left us too early
The women to come
The committed, brilliant and generous women
The holy and spiritual mistresses
I wish a life filled with tears of joy and laughter.


A special thank to my travel friend Henrique G. Campos for his beautiful Indian pictures.

Thank you to all women who guide me on my spiritual way.