Massages & Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda nurtures your body and mind


In India, the Rishis (enlightened sages) consider the body to be a precious tool for spiritual awakening, as well as a terrain filled with riches to be explored, where both the soul and the conscience sleep.


Receiving a massage is a moment for yourself, an inner journey where time is suspended
and letting go has its benefits. The body reclaims the space that is taken over by stress,
worries and lack of sleep.

Cooking Workshops

Ayurvedic cuisine unites the Ayurvedic principals, knowledge and amazing flavours in order to nourish us daily with a balanced diet and preserve good health.
Attend a Workshop


An assessment will identify your Ayurvedic constitution. Your profile will be defined after
careful observation and questions pertaining to your lifestyle, your diet and your daily


The practice of asanas and pranayamas brings lasting physical and mental well-being. Hatha yoga can be adopted by anyone.

Diet is an essential element of Ayurveda. Discover my simple and delicious recipes that work on your body and mind !


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