Massages & Ayurvedic

Ayurveda nurtures your body and mind

In India, the Rishis (enlightened sages) consider the body to be a precious tool for spiritual awakening, as well as a terrain filled with riches to be explored, where both the soul and the conscience sleep.


Ayurvedic cuisine unites the Ayurvedic principals, knowledge and amazing flavours in order to nourish us daily with a balanced diet and preserve good health.

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An assessment will identify your Ayurvedic constitution. Your profile will be defined after careful observation and questions pertaining to your lifestyle…

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“True yoga is not about the shape of your bodyRUE YOGA, but ht shape of your life. Yoga is is not to be performed;Yoga is

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Receiving a massage is a moment for yourself, an inner journey where time is suspended and letting go has its benefits. The body reclaims the space

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A big thank you to Geraldine for her professionalism, her time, her listening and her beautiful Ayurvedic massage practice. A beautiful, timeless moment that has deep resourced me


Géraldine is a very attentive and very benevolent person.
I had the honour of discovering the Ayurveda with her, in a very comprehensive, very instructive and interesting assessment, with written advice, which I consult regularly.
I had the privilege of doing 2 massages. I think I’ve never come out so relaxed (and a little upset…).
I understood after the first that it was not a simple massage, but an ayurvedic treatment, which allows to go in depth and beyond the simple relaxation.
She is very attentive, both in the exchanges of the beginning of the sessions, and of the body during care, and allows to unlock conscious or unconscious worries…

Chloé P

I recommend this practitioner in Ayurveda, who welcomes you warmly and with real attention. She takes the time to listen to you in order to make the quick assessment. This assessment is very comprehensive and enlightening. I also experienced the massage that I found very fluid and containing. A gentle and regenerating moment.

Catherine G

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